Are you ready to get personal?

Llifting Weights


Once you register your interest via, we will set up a consultation call.

Here we will discuss your exercise history, injuries, goals and fitness levels.

Once we have all the administration out of the way, you will have a single dedicated link to access your personal live workout with me.

Sessions tend to be scheduled twice a week, with 20 sessions per package, which run over 10 weeks.

This is however adaptable to your needs. Each session is 30mins in length, but again your fitness needs will predict the final session length and focus.

Workouts are built around your goals, and will always work around the equipment you have available, whether that is at home, or via phone in the gym.

You will always know what is coming up beforehand and if we need to adapt for your schedule, then we do. 

If we are doing a weekly session, I tend to build your plan, so that the most challenging workouts, whether it's strength or coordination, are with me.