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I tend to designate an hour to each client. Sometimes training will take a little less and we will work on specific mobility in the time or do nutrition checks and catch ups, other times the work out takes a little bit longer, especially if we are working on maxing you out on weight or strength.

You will always know what is coming up beforehand and if we need to adapt for your schedule, then we do. 

Once we've everything set up, I will give you a call and we do a little consultation first. From this you will get an outline of your plan going forward, this plan gets expanded on as we train together and I get to know your strengths and weaknesses around training and movement.

I prefer to focus on getting the work done rather than just having a set time then stopping once the hour is up, I want you leaving, feeling wrecked, but in the best way possible! Also, to get your results as soon as possible!

So some days workouts could feel easy, others a little more challenging, but if I'm doing my job, they'll be challenging in just the right way.

If we are doing a weekly session, I tend to build your plan, so that the most challenging workouts, whether it's strength or coordination, are with me.

Llifting Weights


1 Session €60

10 Sessions €450

20 Sessions €800

Each option includes your training session/s as well as full personal nutritional plans, that are specifically designed for your individual needs as you move along your fitness journey. We also work on coaching that endeavours to change your relationship with food and exercise, to one that is positive and lasting, so that should you decide to no longer do personal training, you are able to continue your journey without the need for a trainer on a regular basis.



Buddy Training: If cost is a consideration for you, why not buddy up and split the cost? All packages are open to 2 people training together. If you don't have a buddy in your circle, pop your name down on my wait list via email and we will partner you with someone that will be of the same training age and same goal.

All Personal Training sessions take place in a fully equipped gym in Harolds Cross, Dublin 6W

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