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Free Fitness

I will save you the sappy intro, but today I launch something that is very close to my heart. I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. I have helped literally thousands of people reach their goals. I have competed in bodybuilding, I have run street races and a very long time ago I was even half decent at athletics, for like one year. However, I was never the "athlete" of the family, that accolade was given to my very athletic cousin, and she was amazing!! So when I discovered the gym at 17, i actually got an a"amended" id, to join my local gym, I fell in love.

My body was able to do things i never thought possible, and I found muscles in places I never knew existed.

When I didn't know what to do with my adult self, I went and trained as an instructor, lifeguard and swim instructor...and i discovered I was good. Having passed with a first class honors I was hooked!

After a few years I started training for a race series, then bodybuilding and when my body and confidence was at it's lowest ebb post pregnancy, it was my love of fitness that kept me sane.

During the pandemic, my online clients kept me sane and I realised again, how important fitness is to me and to mental health and how big of a deal it can be to someone who really needs it.

I have always wanted to create a training model where everyone can afford fitness, where reaching your goals is simple, science based, effective and AFFORDABLE!!!

So from today, my programs will be free, I will have a monthly webinar that will be free. Everyone will have access to my fitness plans, my nutrition guides and my tips and tricks to help you on the way.

Yes there is free resources out there, but how reputable are they? And there in lies the problem. YouTube has free workouts, but who are they? What is the real cost. I will have a Facebook group where everyone can join and check in. I am contactable by email for enquiries, ALL COMPLETELY FREE!!

Effective, sound weight loss plans for free!!

Yes, I do have a very small group of private clients that pay for my time, but this is not about that. This to me is about giving back to the world. Making effective training available to all, to help people cancel out the noise, superficial marketing, "fitness gurus" parading for likes and followers and helping you access real help from a real coach who loves what they do!!

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