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It won't always be easy!!

It's been a while since I've sat down to write, so I wanted to make it a good one. Now anyone that has ever trained with me, as a personal training client, in a group or online will know, I WILL push you! You may or may not be sweating buckets, but you will be challenged. Sometimes it is the amount of sets we do, sometimes it's the amount of repetions, sometimes it is simply learning a new exercise that takes co ordination. And sometimes it is simply exercising when you really don't want to, those workouts are not about killing you, the workouts never are, but it is about building mental fortitude. Doing something you set your mind to and realising that to obtain your goal, you sometimes have to do things you would rather not. This can be as awful as getting up at 5am to do a workout as you just don't have any other free time to do it, or simply choosing to have steak and broccoli instead of a take away. It might even be having to go tee total on a girls night.

Now while I tend to adapt all my clients plans so they can have a reasonable social life, while still maintaining their goals, sometimes you will have to say no, or yes rather, when it comes to exercise.

Sometimes, it WILL NOT be easy!! And this is why I always have the "it's going to suck, but it will be worth it" conversation! People often focus on how they will look, feel or what they will wear when they lose the weight, they are abuzz with motivation and good intentions, but I find if you don't prepare yourself for the times it will suck or be downright miserable, you are setting yourself up for failure, if you know it will be hard in parts, we can prepare, plan and adapt, you are not suddenly taken by surprise when you don't feel like working out.

Preparing for those dips in motivation is the number one difference between achieving your fitness and body goals and simply not!

How many times have you started? On a Monday ofcourse, but never made it through the weekend?

How many times have you missed one workout and have it turn into 4weeks or years of inactivity?

It is this sustainability that I focus on with ALL my clients, because a plan is really only as good as long as you can stick to it, the best laid plans is worth absolutely nothing unless you ACTUALLY do them and STICK to them, so balance is key and that balance is individual to everyone, there is no one size fits all when it comes to sustainable weight loss, and while it won't come easily all the time, it is ALWAYS worth it!

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