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Is having a Coach THAT Important?

Personal Training is one of those things that people often see as a luxury. Something that is reserved for those with mounds of excess cash and time, something the likes of which the ordinary Joan or Joe Soap could never realistically maintain in their lives on a long term basis. My response is always the same, what is your priority? Because if reaching and maintaining your goals is something that is important to you, then having a Personal Training Coach is a no brainer.

Actually, let me rephrase that, having a GOOD Personal Training Coach is a no brainer. In an industry that has very little barrier to entry, 6 week courses making all and sundry thinking they what to be a good coach, it is easy to come across more than a few "cowboys", and not in the good sense!! Add to that a world where Inst-celebs with 6 pack abs are telling you that they did 5 minutes a day to reach their body goals and you would be right to think that this is all a bit of a scam. Believe me, REAL coaches, HATE InstaFitness "Gurus" and for one main reason, they devalue a service that is invaluable to some. As a coach that has spent the last 10 years in some form of education improving and growing my knowledge base and skill set, the six week graduates are the bain of my life, not to mention the guy or girl who just finished a fitness show, training with a coach, that they now are trying to pass what they learnt as their own knowledge!! Honestly, I have no issue with someone trying to help others, but a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous and in the fitness industry it has never been truer. Exercises that will strengthen some, will break others. A tough killer workout will inspire others, while it will turn some off exercising completely.

As a Personal Training Coach, my job is not only to inspire, but it is to give you what you need, wrapped in what you want, while trying to keep you consistant, manage your expectations and sometimes even STOP you exercising when the long term plan requires it, and all you can see, is the short term. Sometimes its being a shoulder to cry on, though this has not YET featured as a reason to stop, lifting your weight is not mutually exclusive with bawling your eyes out...just saying!

But I digress, my point is, the value of a personal training coach goes beyond merely having someone give you a diet plan and a workout. On all of my bodybuilding competition preparations, I had a coach...could I afte

r my first 6 week session have prescribed my own workout routine and diet plan? Probably, I had been a coach for over 5 years by then, but would I have stuck to it? Would I have stayed the course when things got tough? DEFINITELY NOT!!

Tommy Staunton, my coach extraordinaire, kept me going beyond simply workouts, we had one major thing in common as coaches, he followed science and kept it simple. I loved that approach, which is why we clicked. He kept me consistent, he kept me focused on my goal and he was the logic when my mind was losing its marbles.

Now I know many will see the world of fitness as superficial, its all body composition and not much else, but how we look, how we see ourselves affect so much of what we do and who we are as people, starting a journey to change your body, in many circumstances is starting a journey to change your life, and if you don't think getting a professional to assist you with that is important, then really nothing I, or anyone else might say will persuade you.

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